On this page, Love of Aging is curating a collection of mini-profiles of some of the most interesting and inspiring role models we can find–people whose vibrancy and enthusiasm for life is only increasing as they age. We created a set of questions (a la Marcel Proust) designed to provide you with a glimpse into their hearts, minds, and lives.

Enjoy! And be on the lookout as we add new Glimpses to our collection.

Dan grew up in a small town in Nevada, went to college in San Diego, and never left California. Along the way he had careers in the performing arts, food service, and teaching and administering for the LAUSD Division of Adult and Career Education. At LAUSD, he worked primarily with older adults and adults with disabilities. Now retired and living with his husband Jim, Dan is busy creating the next great adventure. He's been entertaining Seniors in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living since his retirement and says, “I just seem to be ‘at home’ with them.”

Skydive1. What is your idea of a moment of perfect bliss? The moment I become present to “all is well.”

2. What was one of your biggest “aha” moments? I don’t have to believe the negative thoughts of others or even my own.

3. What hopes and dreams did you have twenty years ago? To retire well.

4. What do you love about aging? The wisdom, grace, and freedom to be.

5. What talent would you like to have? The ability to play the piano well.

6. What are you most proud of yourself for? Keeping going in the face of disappointment and roadblocks

7. What would you like to be remembered for? Having made a difference in the world.

8. What do you most treasure? My husband Jim.

9. If you could invite 3 people - living or dead - to dinner, who would you invite? My father, my mother, and my brother Kit.

10. If you could have one great adventure, what would it be? Touring the world with Jim.

11. What’s your favorite word? su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious

12. What’s your favorite sound? Any harmony - either tonal or dissonant.

13. Who’s your favorite musician/band? Eva Cassidy, on one hand, and The Doors, on the other.

14. Among the places you have traveled to, what was your favorite? Greece - Athens, Mykonos, Delos, and Delphi.

15. What’s a place you would love to travel to and have never been? Egypt. The pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Been there in my dreams but never in person.

16. What is your favorite guilty pleasure? I gave up guilt for lent and forgot where I put it.

17. Why did you choose to be a Love of Aging Community Circle Host? To have the experience of assisting others as well as myself to age with purpose.

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