On this page, Love of Aging is curating a collection of mini-profiles of some of the most interesting and inspiring role models we can find–people whose vibrancy and enthusiasm for life is only increasing as they age. We created a set of questions (a la Marcel Proust) designed to provide you with a glimpse into their hearts, minds, and lives.

Enjoy! And be on the lookout as we add new Glimpses to our collection.

Jan2Jan Dillon is an adventurer…in life experiences, in marriages (4), in occupations – flight attendant, secretary, VP of a video production company, owner of clothing boutique, and for 20 years, medical staff consultant. She’s barrel raced, ridden a steer in a rodeo at 14, and skyjumped at 79. After family, she loves friends, horses, books…and her standard poodle, Sunny. Website:

1. What is your idea of a moment of perfect bliss? Reading a good book or riding a horse

2. What was one of your biggest “aha” moments? Early 20’s when I realized I was attractive out in the world

3. What hopes and dreams did you have twenty years ago? Flying as a “stewardess” or a pilot

4. What do you love about aging? Still being active and not looking my age ... life being exciting

5. What talent would you like to have? Flying an airplane – pilot

6. What are you most proud of yourself for? Being a good mother – raising 3 amazing kids

7. What would you like to be remembered for? My humor and ability to love…and not hate

8. What do you most treasure? My kids and grandkids

9. If you could invite 3 people - living or dead - to dinner, who would you invite? My dad, Paul Bowles, Nelson Mandela

10. If you could have one great adventure, what would it be? Safari in Africa

11. What’s your favorite word? Love…or poopydoo

12. What’s your favorite sound? A loved one’s voice

13. Who’s your favorite musician/band? Bob Dylan

14. Among the places you have traveled to, what was your favorite? Paris  

15. What’s a place you would love to travel to and have never been? Greek Isles

16. What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Eating my pineapple upside down cake

17. Why did you choose to be a Love of Aging Community Circle Host? Because Candace asked me, making new friends, personal growth

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